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Why using horses as a media for AGLO’s image ?

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 For centuries, horse has been an indispensable instrument and preponderant in armies. It was uses as a power and offensive factor both in backup weapons and supported missions (transport).

However, the begining of the 20s century with the artillery renovation, the need to safeguard and increased mobility marked the rise of mechanization of the army by replacing horses with steam engine. These machines were able to deploy powers that are essentials to carry heavy loads, weapons and protections.



Alongside mechanization, the soldiers developped sporting riding. It is in this way that races, dressage, Show Jumping Competition or Eventing (equestrian triathlon) transformed the french equestrian landscape.

Post-war, military sporting riding opened to the society in national equestrian societies.

The horse, symbol of prestige, elegance, courage, power, strength, autonomy, speed and energy remain in collective unconscious spontaneously associated with armed forces.






Military riding remains alive in armed forces. Its general organisation is :

The Defense department equestrian sports have : a military equestrian sports chief, the Sports Centre of Military Equitation of Fontainebleau wich ensures the overall support of the sector, and 19 Military Equestrian Sections as well as a secondment attached to the French Institute of Horse and Equitation in Saumur.

Since 2010, THE military equestrian sports chie fis aligned to the Commanding General. This attachement to the military sports corresponds to a link between physical activities in the army and military riding.



If riding reveals and develops personalities, its practice require inescapable reflexes wich are comparables to those that are inescapable to operational success.

The results and the constant presence of the military riders at those major equestrian meetings since the armies professionalisation contribute to the influence of the french army at national level and also at international level.


We want to associate to our image the force expressed by the horse which is so extolled by our armies.

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