charge block

alt 180


This block will charge several Li-ion batteries. It has 3 wich allows different powers. The block characteristic is to adapt the ernergy to supply according to the input available power. The block use a determined system of ballast and deballasting. This function can be automatic or manual following the operator choice. The man/machine interface is done by a control panel wich inform the operator about the input/output states and it allows the operator to make the output choices in case where the block is in manual mode.


Characteristics and advantages :

- Waterproof

- Tactic

- Military standard applied :  MIL-STD-810,  MIL-PRF-32052, MIL-STD-461.


Technical datas :

Input : Alimentation 9 Vdc to 36Vdc Solar panel, generator, batteries, on-board network Alim AC/DC


- Output :

   Transmitter / Receiver :

         Batteries charger : ALI 142, ALI 143,           ALI 243

         Options BA684 and BA685,                          Interface152 for charging ALI142                and ALI 143 batteries

          Reference AGLO : 116237 was                    developed


    PCTMS 40 Watts available

    BMP 30 Watts available

   12V1A 12 Watts available