bb2590 SMBUS


The new BB2590 is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

It is protected aigainst all types of dangerous situations.

This battery has a high autonomy and its equipped with a charge level indicator for each section.

It has a protection circuit and a BUS of communation (SMBUS) wich allows interaction with applications or charger.

The BB2590 is the new standard for military batteries.


Characteristics and advantages :

- Multipurpose 

- Sustainable

- Robust

- Sophisticated

Military standard applied :  MIL-STD-810,  MIL-PRF-32052, MIL-STD-461.


Technicals datas :

- Nominal voltage : Dual voltage 28.8V (14.4V by section)

- Nominal capacity : 10 Ah in mode 24V, 20Ah in mode 12V