The drone DRAC is an observation means provided for collecting informations in real time, during the day  as well as at night, with autonomy of a decade of kilometres. This system is both rustic and effective.


The system DRAC is composed of 2 aerial vectors, 2 monitoring console and 2 day sensors and one night sensor.

The standalone mode allows a flight and a landing that does not require aeromodelling experience.

The DRAC has a ease of use and a ease of implementation and a very compact size.

DRAC characteristics :

Dimensions : 1.59 meter in length, 3.40 metre of span

Mass : 8.3 Kg

Operating temperature : de -5°C à +40°C

Crew : a team leader, a crewman for monitoring and analysing the et un équipier suivi and a crewman  to control the flight.

DRAC strenghts :

- Maximum speed ranging from 60 to 90 Km/h

- Maximum altitude up to 3000m

- Autonomy : 10km, autonomy of 90 minutes with the night payload


Images are transmitted by digital terrestrial broadcasting and they are saved on digital support. Thus, they can be sent to the chief in order to be treated or they can be sent to the intelligence chain in order to be exploited. AGLO is working on the Airbus drone, in fact, we are developing batteries and related charging systems :  ​

drac 1.jpg
drac 2.jpg