interface ALT152


The interface allows the connexion between all the batteries wich are supplying the E/R PR4G and the charge block. 

Its allows the use of batteries for PR4G as a source of fuelling. For exemple the supply of a PC CF19 by a ALI143 battery.


Characteristics and advantages :

- Waterproof

- Tactic

- Military standard applied :  MIL-STD-810,  MIL-PRF-32052, MIL-STD-461.


Technical datas :

- Input : Alimentation via solar adapter                     ALT178 

- Output :

Charger : for batteries : BB2590, MIRABEL, SOPHIE.

Supply : for PC CF19 PANASONIC and Distribution Energie Block BDE-3V KAM2

Supply other batteries is posisble