Development of a high energy density battery for a radio-controlled terrestrial robot.

With an autonomy always too limited for drones, LiBOB aims to develop a higher density battery.

The LiBOB project (Light roBOt Battery) respond to the challenge of energy storage DESCARTES (challenge of electrochemical storage associated with radio-controlled robots), managed in partnership withe the DGA (Directorate General of Armaments).

The DESCARTES challenge forms part of an innovation process and a process of development of dynamic research for the efficient storage of electrical energy improvement (electrochemical batteries, super-capacitor, fuel cells).  Those improvements may found applications both civil and military.

This project aim at demonstrating a new high density battery li-ion technology wich combine both innovative materials and positive and negative : the lamellar oxide lithiated (Li-rich), high specific capacity material and silicon in a composite with carbon.

LiBOB winner of the DESCARTES challenge at DGA Bourges (battery on the left).

The energy density of the LiBOB accumulators during the training cycle is 315 Wh/kg in average when the end of charge voltage is about 4,5V. When the battery is under charge  at 4,4V, the energy density is 280 Wh/kg early in life which exceed Li-ion cells. The volume density of energy at C/5 is 590 Wh/L.

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